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Wednesday, 22 April 2015

The Handy Ideas Blog has moved on-site

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Why do we buy stuff we don't need?

Have you had a look in your loft lately?  It’s full isn’t it and there’s no car in the garage either is there, because that’s rammed too, stuffed with all things you thought you wanted - but didn’t.

You only have to look at e-bay to realise we don’t really want half the things we buy in the shops. It’s hard to know why we part so easily with our hard-earned cash, just to give it away to a charity shop, sell it for the fraction of the price, or lob it to rot in the attic?

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Monday, 2 February 2015

Bye bye pins and needles with the brilliant LOL seat

It's Saturday night. You're ready to kneel down on the floor with the kids and play a game of pick-up-sticks. Then, you think, wait a minute, the last time I got down for floor-based family fun my legs went all numb and worse, when I got up, I fell over, lol.  

Revolutionise the way you sit
on the floor with the lol seat
That, thankfully, was then. Now, when I want to get down and play on the floor with the kids there's no more painful kneeling because I can perch myself comfortably on the ingenious LOL seat.

Designed to improve circulation and relieve knee and joint pain this clever gadget will change the way you sit on the floor forever.

The LOL seat comes in pink and blue and three handy sizes so it's great for Kids as young as three.  This Top Gadget is available at Handy Ideas for just £18.95 and with our money-off voucher there's another 10% too...  GET VOUCHER NOW

Handy Ideas | Life just got easier...